What to Do When The Heat’s Out

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When you live in British Columbia, you are no stranger to cold mornings. There’s nothing worse then waking up to no heat and not the having time to investigate why before work. You’re cold, in a rush, and begin to panic. You begin searching for furnace repair companies online to try and get your broken furnace fixed as soon as possible. … Read More

Save Money on Your Heating Bills With These Simple Strategies

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Colder weather means the holidays, hot chocolate, and cozying up in front of your fireplace. However, colder weather also means that your heating bills will probably go up drastically. Fortunately, there are several things you can do during the wintertime as you use your furnace to keep your utility bills manageable. Wear Warmer Clothing Although this may seem like a … Read More

Things to Consider When Installing a New Furnace

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For those Vancouver homes with older furnaces, upgrades may be required to ensure you can continue to effectively heat your living space. To this end, installing a new furnace is a great option to keep your home comfortable all winter long. A High-Efficiency Unit Might Be Right for You When seeking a furnace upgrade, many homeowners choose to replace their … Read More