Basic Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace requires basic maintenance in order to operate efficiently and reliably.  For some more information about your furnace, read our furnace faq or our article on common reasons why furnaces fail.

At CampbellCare, we take furnace maintenance seriously.  That’s why we encourage our customers to take preventative steps to keep their furnace in tip-top shape.  If you’re looking to simplify your furnace maintenance, consider joining our CampbellCare Club.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

Staying on top of the items below will prevent most furnace breakdowns and give you the best probability of a long and reliable shelf life.

  • Check the ducting system for blockages or leaks – Many people take this a step further and have their ducts cleaned at the same time.  Poor airflow is one of the biggest causes of furnace failure.
  • Check your heat exchanger and ensure it is in good operating condition – Specifically, look for rust, dents, grime/dust, and other signs of neglect or damage.
  • Inspect your furnace filter monthly and change when required – While many people assume that their furnace filter is responsible for actually cleaning the air, they may not realize that it is also responsible for ensuring the furnace itself remains clear of dust and debris.
  • Check your burners and ensure they operate as designed – If you don’t know what to look for, check your furnace owners manual or give us a call!
  • Inspect wiring and switches – Look for obvious signs of damage, corrosion, and disrepair.

We know that furnace maintenance has a bit of a learning curve, but we cannot stress enough its importance in ensuring you many trouble-free (and warm) years of operation.