How To Save Money On Heating Solutions

When the weather is particularly cold, Vancouver homeowners generally seek ways to improve the heat efficiency of their homes. Whether you live in Richmond, Surrey, or any of the surrounding cities, you may be concerned with
how you can lower your heating bills this winter.
The team at CampbellCare Plumbing is proud to serve the Metro Vancouver area, and we can help you keep your heating costs as minimal as possible. By making a few changes around your home and scheduling regular maintenance on your heating appliances, you could significantly reduce your heating expenses this winter.

Keeping Your Heating Costs Minimal When Temperatures Plummet

You can take several steps to improve the heat efficiency of your home environment. Try these strategies to save money on heating solutions:

Get the most from your thermostat. Make your thermostat work for your household. Set it to a lower temperature than you normally do. You do not need to impose a drastic change to make a difference.
Even lowering your average indoor temperature by a few degrees could have an impact on your heating bills. Also, get a programmable thermostat if you do not already have one. You can program it to lower the temperature when you are normally not home, as well as when your household is typically asleep.

Change your filter(s) frequently. Most air filters should be changed 4 times per year. A plugged or dirty filter will consume additional energy, and shorten the life of your heating equipment.

Use ceiling fans to circulate warm air. Getting warm air to circulate throughout the different areas of your home is an easy way to improve energy efficiency. If you do not have ceiling fans in your bedroom and main living areas, you might consider installing a fan or two.

Replace old weather-stripping. Weather-stripping your doors and windows helps to keep cold air outdoors. If your current weather-stripping looks worn and frayed, make sure to replace it before the temperatures begin to drop. This is an inexpensive and effective way to noticeably reduce the drafty air that would otherwise make its way inside your home.

Get the ducts cleaned. If your ductwork is clogged or dirty, the ducts could be preventing air from warming your home properly. Have the ducts checked and cleaned periodically.

Have your heating appliances serviced. Whether you have a boiler, a furnace, or a gas-fuelled, electric-fuelled, or wood-burning fireplace in your Vancouver home, such appliances must be serviced regularly to run optimally. Be sure to schedule annual maintenance visits, so we can check for potential issues and take care of timely repairs as necessary.

If your heating bills soared last winter, do not worry. You do have some control over how energy efficient your home is during the coldest months. Make use of tools such as your thermostat, ceiling fans, and weather-stripping,
so you can maximize the warm air that your heating system produces. Always have your ductwork and heating appliances serviced on a routine schedule, so the pros at CampbellCare Plumbing, Heating & Air can catch problems quickly and help you save money.

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