Spring HVAC Maintenance For Every Homeowner In The Lower Mainland

Spring is almost here. You can see the flowers getting ready to bloom in the garden, the temperatures creeping upward, and you are prepared to dive headfirst into spring cleaning. While you are tackling the baseboards, washing windows, and readying the house for summer, do not forget about essential furnace repair and air conditioner maintenance for your Richmond area home.
Spring HVAC maintenance is just as necessary, and it ensures that your home’s heating and cooling systems work year-round – and save you money. While you might want to just tune-up the air conditioner, do not forget to have a quick check-up on the entire system – so you catch problems before the next heating season too.

Surprising Reasons to Consider a Full HVAC Maintenance this Spring

  • Winter is Harsh – Winter takes its toll on your furnace, and furnace maintenance is necessary, come spring. The cold temperatures and workload over the winter can damage your heater, and your furnace may have an issue that goes undetected throughout the warmer season – only to haunt you come winter next year. A full inspection makes sure that winter did not damage anything and makes sure you can kick on the heater when temperatures go back down.
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance – You have your air conditioner covered up over the winter to protect it, but the cold can cause damage too. You want a quick inspection and air conditioner maintenance done so that your unit runs all summer long but does not cost more than it should to keep your interior cool.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – There are health benefits of ensuring both heaters and air conditioners are well maintained. Air filters are replaced, and these units are cleaned out during maintenance appointments, which removes dust, debris, and dander that would otherwise blow into your home and contaminate the air.
  • Annual Savings Increase – You have upgraded to energy-efficient models, so why are you not using that to your advantage? You can save significantly on your monthly heating and cooling costs just by maintaining your home’s HVAC system throughout the year.

Call in the Professionals for Furnace and Air Conditioner Maintenance in Surrey, Langley, and Richmond Areas

Whether you think you need a furnace repair after the harsh winter, or you would like to make sure your HVAC unit is cleaned out for spring, contact the team at CampbellCare. Our HVAC maintenance and cleaning services include a multi-system check that ensures everything from electrical to filters to blowers and motors are all working as they should.

Our skilled technicians will clean the inside and outside of your units, test for any irregularities, and check all the major components for wear and tear, including potential repair issues. The sooner you catch these, the more relaxed your next year of HVAC usage will be.

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