What To Expect From Your Home Inspection In Vancouver

Purchasing a home is a significant investment in your family’s future. When it is your first home, there is something magical about walking through the front door. Stepping across the threshold, it is like entering a new world as you take a deep breath and smile. The last thing you want to think about is having issues creep up unexpectedly.

Warning Signs You May Need a Plumber or Furnace Repair Technician

Having a home inspection done before you sign the mortgage papers is one of the best decisions you can make. Do you know what to expect as your inspector walks through and makes notes? Understanding what he or she will look for will help you know if your first home is a dream come true or a money-drainer.

What a Home Inspector Looks for

  • Property – Items that will be looked at include leaks from septic systems and proper drainage across the property. If there is inadequate drainage, even a small puddle could result in a flooded basement during storms. Also, the general condition of the driveway, any fences, and sidewalks will be included. The inspector will be checking for the need to reseal, repair, or replace.
  • Exterior – Besides the outside of the house, an exterior inspection can include a garage or carport. Things that will be looked at and gauged include off-smells, windows, doors, vents, exterior walls, and porches or decks. By checking for holes, wasp nests, and other signs of infestations, you will know if that beautiful two-storied deck needs replacement. Finally, the roof will be inspected for possible moisture seepage into the home and proper construction to bear the weight of snow loads and strong gusts of winds.
  • Interior – Love that newly renovated kitchen? Your inspector will look at those stainless steel appliances to make sure they are in good working order. For example, testing the stove to see if it turns on and heats. Additionally, the plumbing system to the sinks will be checked out to assess whether repair or replacement is necessary.
  • Systems – You will rely on the various systems that keep your home comfortable – electrical, heating, cooling, and water heaters. The electrical system will be inspected to make sure it is up to code, and the circuit breakers are in good working order. Also, the furnace and air conditioner will be checked to make sure they produce heat and cool air optimally.

Local Experts for Your Vancouver Plumbing and Furnace Repair Needs

Rest assured that your new home will be all you hoped it would be when you have a home inspection done. If any problems are found, you can work with your Realtor® to ensure they are fixed. After you move in, rely on a trusted plumbing and HVAC company like Campbell Care to keep your new home your dream home. Whether you need a plumber or a furnace repair technician for your Vancouver house, let our experienced team help.

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