Signs you need to update your air filtration system

Signs you need air filtration


The air we breathe in a home is so important. A good air filtration system keeps dust, allergens, and pollutants from entering your living space while helping you to breathe better and stay healthier. However, air filtration systems in a home do need to be updated from time to time to ensure you’re getting the best air quality possible inside your own home. Finding the right air filter requires special considerations into your home, location, and lifestyle.

When looking for a new filtration system an HVAC professional will consider the people in your home, such as those living with allergies. They will also look at the size of your home and how much air will need to come through the filtration system to meet your needs. And lastly, living in farm country is very different from the city and your filtration system should match that too. All of these factors go into choosing the right air filtration system for your home.

If you notice your energy bills increasing for no apparent reason, one of the reasons that could be is your air filtration system. When your system needs to work harder and consume more energy to do the job it’s supposed to be doing, it’s probably time for an upgrade. If your air filter has been changed recently, and your air filtration system is still sucking tons of power, that is a good time to call in an HVAC professional and discuss your options.

You may also notice your home is still very dusty with an old filtration system. While some dust in a home is inevitable you shouldn’t expect thick layers of dust sitting on your furniture. If you are experiencing dust problems in your home even with a new filter in your air filtration system, then you should consider investing in a newer model that can manage the dust for your area.

Allergens are no joke, and people who suffer from airborne allergies need to feel safe inside their homes. Allergies can be caused by all sorts of different things such as dust or pollen. However, older air filtration systems may not be able to efficiently remove all these harmful particles before they enter your home. If someone is suffering from allergies in your home and they are noticing the allergens when inside the house it’s time to call HVAC professionals to help you find the best air filtration system solution for your home.

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