How to Pick the Best AC Unit for your Home in Vancouver

Best AC Unit

Buying a new central air conditioning unit can be stressful if you’re unsure of what you need. It is important to know what the best AC unit option for your Vancouver home is. If you have never shopped for HVAC equipment the process can be tedious and overwhelming. We are here to help you understand how to pick the best AC unit for your home in Vancouver.

Make the right choice, and you are rewarded with a comfortable home and an increased property value. Choosing the wrong AC unit can result in some untimely repairs, expensive energy bills, and an uneffective cooling system.


Central Air Conditioner Purchase and Installation Tips

To support a central cooling system, your home must have a furnace or air handler with ductwork. Installing a new air conditioner that already has the proper ductwork will cost approximately $6,000-$7,000 depending on the size and the efficiency of the unit. If you do not have the proper infrastructure to support a central unit, call a professional to install the proper infrastructure in your home, or learn more about ductless systems.


Determine Which Size Air Conditioner You Require:

To find the perfect AC unit for your home, there are nearly a dozen factors to take into consideration. All these factors will make a significant difference in your comfort levels and energy bills. Some things to consider include:

  • The age of your home
  • Construction materials
  • Airflow and duct size tolerances
  • The number and size of existing windows
  • How much sun your house gets, and where the sun strikes

Air conditioners are measured in tons which describes the cooling capacity. Choosing the wrong size can lead to a shorter life span of the unit, energy expenses, and discomfort in your home.


Different Types of Central Air Conditioners:

  • Single-Stage Condensers
  • Dual-Stage Condensers
  • Variable Speed Condensers
  • Choose an Energy Efficiency Rating


Single-Stage Condensers

The main benefit of single-stage condensers are either off or operating at full capacity. Single-stage air conditioners can be a great entry-level choice, but if you want a high-efficiency option, this may not be the right fit for your home.


Dual-Stage Condensers

If you need an air conditioner that operates in two modes, you may want to consider a dual-stage unit. These units can operate at higher or lower levels depending on the weather. They are much more efficient than a single-stage unit.


Variable Speed Condensers

Variable-speed air conditioners run throughout the day in longer cycles instead of shutting on and off to match your desired temperature. Variable speed units offer you better energy efficiency than the other previously mentioned units.


Choose an Energy Efficiency Rating

Energy-efficient equipment tends to cost more money upfront but ends up saving in the long term. When it comes to budgeting for your new unit it is important to understand how energy efficiency is measured in order to find the right balance for your needs.


Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) uses various seasonal temperatures to measure how efficient your air conditioning equipment or system is. The higher the unit’s SEER rating is, the more energy-efficient the AC unit is, and the more comfortable your home will be.


If you are ready and wanting to purchase an air conditioner, CampbellCare can help you find the best a/c unit for your home in Vancouver. If you want to learn more about the process of installing the right unit in your home, contact us today!

Best AC Unit

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