Why is my AC not Working?

Air Conditioner Broken - AC not working

Arriving home from a hot day in the sun to finding out your AC not working is not an ideal situation. Good news is that your air AC unit can be repaired. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, if your AC not working at any time is inconvenient. Having an idea of why your AC might not be working properly may help you avoid problems in the future.


The most common reasons your AC is not working properly:

  1. Switch off the indoor disconnect

  2. Thermostat settings

  3. Blown a fuse

  4. The return-air filter

  5. Connected to the electrical panel


Switch off the indoor disconnect

 If this is located in a more obscure place in your home, such as your attic or basement, it is possible that your indoor disconnect switch has been accidentally turned off. Locate your indoor disconnect switch and set it to “on”. We hope that this is your answer!


Thermostat settings

Our third recommendation is to check your home’s thermostat settings. If your unit isn’t working at all, it’s possible your thermostat batteries are dead. Wait a few minutes after the system kicks in, and hope that cool air comes rushing back.


Blown a fuse

If the fuse is blown you’ll need to replace the fuse between your AC and thermostat before you can get your air back up and running. This will require a professional to come to diagnose and fix the problem for you.


The return-air filter

This is especially important if you haven’t thought about your AC since last summer. You must check return-air filters are clogged and dirty. This is why they are not allowing the cold air to blow through. Remove your return-air filter, and check if it is filled with debris. If it is filled too much to not see through the air filter – it is time for a replacement.


Connected to the electrical panel

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If your AC unit isn’t working, you may want to check if it has been disconnected from the power source; or that there isn’t an issue with your power source.


If you’re at a loss as to why your AC has suddenly stopped working, or just need a reliable professional to get it working again, contact your local experts at CampbellCare. Campbell care is dedicated to impeccable service and ensuring your home is properly serviced every time. Call today at (604) 946-1000.

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