Why is my heating not working?

Person is cold because heating is not working

Heating issues are inconvenient, especially when the winter months are creeping in. You may start to wonder what’s wrong with my house, why is my heating not working? We tend to trust that our heating systems are reliable and will keep us warm as the temperature drops. Yet it is inevitable that there will be troubles or problems eventually. When issues do occur, it is important to keep yourself, your home, and your family safe and warm.

There are a variety of possible reasons your heating may not be working properly. It is important to be able to address accurately what may be occurring if that is the case. Plus, there are many ways you can minimize the risk of heating issues. Today we are sharing why your heating may not be adequately working and what you can do.

Heating Not Working Due To Poor Maintenance 

If you are not regularly having your furnace serviced, it is likely to be dirty and not working efficiently. By neglecting the maintenance of your furnace, issues may arise with flame sensors, blowers, filters, and more. By booking seasonal tuning appointments for your furnace, you can avoid these issues. This will protect yourself from the inconvenience of a broken furnace in the future. 

Clogged Filters

Is your filter dirty and clogged? Clogged furnace filters may lead to overheating or the furnace to shut off due to the build-up of dirt and dust. Pleated filters should typically be replaced every 3 months, and flat filters approximately once per month. If you are unsure which you have, the manual for your furnace will provide information on how often your filter should be replaced.

Low Refrigerant Levels

If you have a heat pump, there is a possibility that your refrigerant level is too low. In this case, your heat bills will likely be high as the heat strips frequently turn on. Check to see if the refrigerant levels are still low, this could indicate the possibility for the compressor to overheat and break down. It is important to increase your refrigerant charge if you notice this occurring. It is far less expensive to recharge refrigerant rather than replace your compressor.

Thermostat Issues

It is also possible that the issue may be your thermostat. If your thermostat is not turning on the heat, there is likely a correlation to your furnace malfunctioning and a lack of heat. Most thermostats are trustworthy and reliable, yet like all products, eventually, problems may develop and a repair will be necessary. If your thermostat is programmed incorrectly, it is important to contact a licensed HVAC repair technician for assistance and the next steps. 

Blocked Air Ducts Causes Heating Not Working

If you have discovered that a few rooms in your home are not receiving proper heat yet others are, it is possible that an air duct may be blocked and restricting proper airflow. By checking the ductwork, you can look for specific gaps or branches. It is possible to use metal duct tape to seal any gaps, however, we recommend calling a licensed HVAC repair technician to properly inspect, repair, and seal the duct.

If your central heating is not working, it is important to have it fixed immediately. Although saving money and trying to fix it yourself may be tempting, we highly recommend hiring a professional to keep yourself and your family safe and warm as the winter months approach. 

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