What To Do If Your Furnace is Broken

Broken furnace

The last thing that you, or your family, want as a surprise in the winter months is a broken furnace. The holidays should be cozy and cheerful with family and friends. Rather than solely being bundled up in blankets! If your home is feeling extra chilly and you are suspecting an issue with your furnace. It is time to check the thermostat, pilot light, and breakers. If none of the typical adjustments to your furnace positively assist the heating in your home. It is important to know what to do while you wait for an HVAC professional to inspect, and fix it immediately.

Signs of a Broken Furnace

First of all, it is important to stay alert for the scent of natural gas. Although natural gas does not have a scent, the compound mercaptan that smells of sulphur, is added in to detect leaks. If you or a family member can smell this compound, which is similar to rotten eggs. It is important to call your gas company and leave your house immediately.

Furnace Malfunction

If you do not smell natural gas, it is time to consider your furnace may not be functioning properly. Have you been properly maintaining and checking your furnace? Have you had thermostat problems or blocked air duct issues? Is your refrigerant level low? These questions reflect the importance of regular maintenance for your furnace, as they can result in your heat not working. Plus, this information is helpful to relay to your HVAC professional once they have arrived.

What to do when you have a Broken Furnace

While you wait for your furnace to be examined, it is important to keep warm! Candles do not only create a calming atmosphere and excellent light source, yet they also bring adequate heat to your home. Make sure to always have candles stored in your home and light them on a safe and sturdy surface. In addition, we recommend drawing your curtains to insulate your home and block any cool air that may try to creep inside.

Heat Hack

Another easy heat hack is to cook a warm, comforting meal such as roasted root veggies or homemade soup. For those who prefer to order in, sip on a hot cup of coffee or tea throughout the day to stay toasty. Warming your body temperature with food and warm liquids will help make your chilly home bearable.

Lastly, as you wait for your HVAC professional to come and fix your heating issues, consider having a family dance party! Turn on some music and encourage your kids to dance around to increase body heat. Increasing your blood flow will not only up your body temperature, yet maybe even help raise your spirits.

A broken furnace in the winter can cause extreme discomfort, worry and possible damage to your home. It is important to immediately contact an HVAC professional when suspecting a broken furnace, and maintaining regular checks on your furnace to ensure it is working properly. If you are looking to tune up or fix your furnace, CampbellCare can help you fix or prepare your Vancouver home for the winter. Contact us today!

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