Gas vs electric water heater: Which one is best for my home?

types of Gas vs electric hot water heaters


If you are looking for a heater, you will wonder if a Gas or electric water heater is better. It is important to know if a gas or electric water heater is best suited for your home. While both types can be quite similar, there are notable pros and cons of each that may influence your decision. Continue reading to find out which water heater fuel source will meet you and your home’s needs best. 


What’s the difference?

First of all, it is important to understand the main differences between the two water heaters and how they work. A gas water heater is a tank that contains high-voltage electric heating rods that run vertically through the tank. This starts heating up at the center of the tank and emits outwardly. An electric water heater is a tank that contains a gas-fired burner at the bottom, which heats water. The hot water rises from the bottom and it is drawn out of the top through a discharge tube. If you are looking for an easy to operate water heater, electric water heaters are often simpler to operate. Compared to gas water heaters, the heater operates solely on electrical power. You do not need to turn on the gas to start it, making it much easier to manage. 


Electric Water Heater Installation

It is important to touch on the installation process of both types of heaters. Regardless of the option, both typically require an inspection and a permit prior to installation. As electricity is present in all homes and gas is not guaranteed, an electric water heater is easier to install. If your home does not contain gas, it can be pricey to bring gas into your home from the street. However, if your home does contain gas, a plumber can make the necessary gas connections.


Gas Water Heater Efficiency

Comparing the efficiency of the two different water heaters is a crucial part of your decision as well. Though a gas water heater can be less expensive to run due to its low cost of natural gas, an electric heater is seen as much more efficient. This is because a gas heater uses energy for operation and can release waste into the environment. In comparison, electric water heaters use the majority of their energy to warm the water. Though this is important to keep in mind, there are some energy-efficient gas heaters that use less energy. 


Environmental Impact

Now, in terms of the environmental impact of the heaters, an electrical heater is naturally healthier for the environment. As they can be powered through renewable energy sources and are energy efficient, they tend to be kinder to the environment. On the other hand, gas heaters are less eco-friendly as they use natural gas which is retrieved from the earth in a wasteful process that can release greenhouse gasses into the environment. 


Cost Difference

If you are curious about the price difference between the two different water heaters, they are extremely similar. The upfront price of a gas water heater is typically higher than an electric water heater, yet it has a lower monthly bill due to the cheaper cost of natural gas. An electric water heater is the opposite as the initial cost is cheaper, however the monthly bill will likely be higher. 

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Gas vs electric water heaters

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