My Hot Water Tank Is Leaking; Why Is This Happening?

Hot water tank leaking


Did you know that hot water tanks usually last between eight to twelve years. If you are ever experiencing your hot water tank leaking, make sure to have a trained professional inspect the hot water tank. If you do not act fast, a hot water tank leaking can lead to major damage being done to the structure of the house.


Why Is This Happening?

Common problems for why your hot water tank is leaking can be from cracking in the tubes and tank or physical damage to the exterior of the tank. From inside the tank, a leak can form due to higher than normal temperature and/or water pressure. If the water temperature is too high, the water can expand inside the tank and take up more space. This can result in the connection of the valves and pipes to loosen. As well, high pressure from the flow of hot water inside the tubes can cause the connection to loosen over time.


What If I Just Leave It?

Please don’t! If you continue to ignore your hot water tank leaking without being inspected by a trained professional, you’re very likely to experience larger problems. If the hot water tank continues to leak, rust can occur making the leak larger and potentially lead to a break in the tank, flooding the home. Oftentimes this weakens the structure of the house and it can require major repairs. In the absolute worst case, due to excessive high water temperature and pressure, the hot water tank may even explode. There can be instant structural damage to the house and is a major fire hazard.


Benefits Of Replacing The Hot Water Tank

Replacing your hot water tank can have multiple benefits throughout the house. A high efficiency hot water tank upgrade is more energy efficient using less energy to operate. In the long-run this can help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Replenishing the hot water in the shower and sink will be fast on demand, cutting down the energy used while waiting for the water to heat up.  New high efficiency hot water tanks are also more reliable units that can increase the comfort and convenience of the home. 


A New Tankless Water Heater

A more popular option that many have started installing when a replacement is needed in their homes are tankless water heaters. With the price of housing rising, many people are tending to live in smaller homes. Tankless water heaters are relatively small as they hang on the wall, out of the way, and are not attached to a 40-60 gallon water tank in a storage space. They instantly heat up the water on demand so you can have endless hot water, and can lower your monthly energy bill. Most of the models are made with replaceable parts, which can also extend the lifetime of the water heater and provide low maintenance costs if you experience issues in the future.


If your hot water tank is leaking, the trained professionals at CampbellCare can help. Our plumbers have all the necessary tools and knowledge to assist you through a hot water tank repair or replacement. Reach out to the experts at CampbellCare for all you need to know about hot water tanks, boilers and plumbing.

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