Signs you need Air Conditioner Repairs this summer

Air conditioner repairs


The hot weather is finally creeping in! This time of the year Air conditioner repairs are picking up because AC units are in high use! Having your unit suddenly stop working on a scorching day can be really disappointing. It is best to monitor your unit and detect any signs for early warning. We’ve put together the key signs that your AC unit may need a repair. 


Airflow Changes could indicated Air Conditioner Repairs

Luckily with this sign, it is one that you can often physically detect quickly. If the air becomes quite warm or only certain rooms are cooling down, you may need a air conditioner repair. Before you call the professionals, check the power source is working properly and that the unit is plugged in. Sometimes it is a nice and easy fix!


Odour Changes

Your AC unit shouldn’t be producing any bad smells throughout the home. Typically a bad smell is an indication of too much moisture and a buildup of mold or mildew. If the smell grows and doesn’t seem to go away, this is a good sign to call someone as the longer something like this is left, the more costly the air conditioner repairs can be. Here is an in-depth analysis of what issue could be causing which smell.

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Moisture Changes

No one wants to feel wet and sticky in their home when trying to cool down from a hot day. Similar to the first early sign detection, you can physically feel the effects of this issue from your unit. If you’re unsure of how humid it is and if it is worth calling someone, you can purchase a humidity tester at a hardware store near you.


Unusual Sounds results in Air Conditioner Repairs

Some units make a light hum or softer sound but excessive sounds or something new, is usually the sign that your unit is in need of a repair. If you find the weird sound isn’t super consistent, be sure to try recording it for your repair person as it will be hard for them to determine the cause of the sound if it isn’t occurring during the repair appointment. 


If you detect any of these warning signs, be sure to give the trusted professions at CampbellCare a call to get your unit running back to normal in no time! 

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