Should I turn off my fireplace during summer months?

Fireplace during summer months


We often get questions surrounding how to best approach maintenance and best habits for your fireplace during summer months. In B.C. it can get quite warm during the summer, causing less need for your fireplace to be turned on. Is turning off the pilot light to your gas fireplace during summer enough? Or do you need to do more to ensure you aren’t using too much energy? Here are a few key questions to answer about your heater or fireplace during the summer.

Does your fireplace have a “pilot light”?

A pilot light refers to the small flame that burns even when the gas fireplace is off. The purpose of this pilot light is to make starting the fire much easier during the cold seasons. When the weather is warm, a pilot light is not as necessary. This causes gas to be running constantly that can add some costs to your monthly bill. To save on energy costs during the summer, it’s recommended to shut off your pilot light. Turning your pilot light off during the summer is not mandatory, even for safety reasons; however it is recommended.

Do you also use a fireplace during summer months?

Turning off your fireplace during summer months is a good idea if you’re using a central air conditioning unit. Your unit may be emitting some heat, which will make it more difficult for your AC to cool your home. When more energy is used in general, it can add up to a higher energy bill. 

Does your fireplace pilot light not shut off completely?

If the little flame hasn’t gone out when you’ve turned off the pilot light, you may have a faulty value. If this is the case, your fireplace will require a repair. Contact your trusted contractor for further support with your fireplace needs!


Overall, at CampbellCare, we recommend that you turn off your fireplace during summer months. It can add to your gas and energy bills, and is an easy way to conserve energy for environmental reasons. If you have any questions regarding your fireplace, contact us with your question and we will be happy to help!

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