What is a comfortable room temperature and humidity?

Comfortable room temperature


You have probably found yourself in this situation before. Standing in front of your thermostat, thinking what number is going to get you to that comfortable room temperature? It’s no secret to maintain a comfortable and relaxing home environment, you must have a controlled room temperature and humidity. But how? If this is something you have struggled with in the past, look no further. Here is all the information you need on the ideal room temperature and humidity to set within your home.


What is your comfortable room temperature

While monitoring a rooms temperature and humidity, always remember indoor humidity should generally stay between 30% and 50%. Why is this important you might ask? If proper humidity is not maintained within a room, various negative outcomes may occur. This can include property damage caused by mold production, higher energy bills, and can even cause poor respiratory health. In addition to humidity, keeping a comfortable room temperature is just as important. This key temperature range relies on a few different factors. These include the current season, personal preference, and the area of the home you are located in. Keeping that in mind, a comfortable and healthy room temperature is generally considered to stay within 20°-24° Celsius, (68°-74° Fahrenheit).


Why is it hard to find the right temperature?

The reason a rooms temperature might vary slightly can be described as your basement in the winter, versus your basement in the summer. This means that your basement in the winter is the coolest room in your home and will feel much colder. Then during the summer it provides a cool relief in the hot and humid summer. It is best practice to adjust the room temperature throughout the year with the seasons to maintain this year-round comfort.


Comfortable room temperature


Tips & Tricks For The Comfortable Room Temperature 

Along with keeping your temperature and humidity in a comfortable range, try these effective tips and tools as secondary solutions. 

  • Using humidifiers/dehumidifiers to regulate humidity 
  • Checking up on the ventilation of the room  
  • Minimizing dust/dirt within your home through vacuuming 
  • Testing the humidity in the room with a hygrometer (can be found at your local hardware store)
  • -Humidity or temperature sensors


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