The 4 most common plumbing problems during the summer

Common plumbing problems


As the summer heat starts to ramp up, Canadians are preparing for more and more summer festivities. Whether you are having people over, watering your lawn, or doing outdoor activities, common plumbing problems occur during the summer. Knowing what to look for within your plumbing system can save a lot of time, money, and stress. Keep your eye on these 4 most common plumbing problems that usually happen during the summer.


Sprinkler Damage

Sprinkler systems are barely used during the winter months, so it’s important to inspect your sprinkler before using them. Look for debris on  or damage to the sprinkler head to know if it is good to use. Cleaning debris off the sprinkler head, or fixing the damage will help avoid wasting water and overworking your water system. A big problem for sprinklers is leaking. Leaking sprinklers will not only overwork your pipes, but can also cause your water bill to skyrocket.


Common Plumbing Problems For Showers, Sinks, and Toilets

Trips to the beach, outdoor activities, and sand everywhere can oftentimes cause your shower and sink drains to become clogged. Dirt, hair, grease, and soap are common causes of poor drainage. People track debris into bathrooms, and when they clean their body the debris is forced down the drain. To avoid clogged showers and sinks, always inspect the drain covers and remove any debris that gets stuck in them.

Toilets are another common plumbing problem to suffer from clogging in the summer months. This is commonly caused when more people are coming in and out of the house. Avoid flushing excess toilet paper, wet wipes, or anything other than organic waste down toilets. It is best practice to keep a plunger nearby your toilet for assistance when needed.

Common plumbing problems

Basement Flooding

Canadian homeowners are no strangers to the often summer rainstorms. It is especially important to take precautions for basement flooding and damage during this season. Water saturation from heavy rainfall sneaks into your basement and causes damage to your floors and foundation. Renovations often become quite costly to repair. In the spring months preparing for summer rainfall can be easily done by installing a sump pump. If you already have one installed, inspect it to know it is in good condition after the colder winter months.


Washing Machine Overloads

Summer outings, and more vacation time can lead to an increase in washing machine usage. Washing machines should be inspected for potential leaks or physical damages during the summer months. If your washing machine isn’t in good working condition you could experience any of the previous common plumbing problems. From basement flooding, clogged drains, or leaking causing your utility bill to skyrocket. Additionally, the overuse of detergents or debris can promote clogs within the plumbing of your machine. Reducing the size of your laundry loads will help to avoid washing machine from over working.


Prevent Common Plumbing Problems With These Solutions…

  • Regular inspections and maintenance
  • Clear drains and inspect the water pressure regularly 
  • Turn off water and heaters when travel to prevent increased utility bills
  • Replace older appliances
    • Shower heads, toilets, washing machines, faucets, sprinklers, and dishwashers
  • Sewer line inspections 


For further information on preventing common summer plumbing issues in your home, contact us today! If any problems occur this summer, we are happily here to help and answer any questions you may have!

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