The Top 5 Benefits Of A Smart Thermostat

The Top 5 Benefits of Smart Thermostat


As summer begins to wrap up, and we enter the beautiful season of fall, many of us prepare for a wardrobe switch. We might neglect our homes: the space that houses us, and keeps us warm. So how can we ensure our house is at the appropriate temperature? Have you considered a smart thermostat? Fall weather can be confusing. One day it feels like the middle of July, while the next is akin to a cold December morning where your bed feels just a little too comfortable. Unlike regular thermostats, a smart thermostat, also known as a connected or communicating thermostat, allows you to set the temperature of your house from your smartphone. You can create automatic settings, and programmable schedules, based on your personal heating and cooling needs


Here are 5 benefits to convince you further 

  1. Set Your Smart Thermostat Temperature Anywhere
  2. Save Money With Schedules
  3. Track Your Energy Usage
  4. Improved Temperature Visibility & Controls
  5. Smart Thermostats Are Easy To Install


Set Your Smart Thermostat Temperature Anywhere

The weather is unpredictable. And with this unpredictability comes stress over your house’s temperature. Turning the heat up a few notches isn’t instant either. So if you got home from work and just set the thermostat, you might want to throw on some warm socks until it kicks in. However, with a smart thermostat, you don’t need to worry about beating the weather. Set your thermostat from the comfort of your work office, dentist appointment, or tropical vacation. Upon entering your house, you’ll be just the perfect temperature. 


Save Money With Schedules

This is definitely a top benefit of installing a smart thermostat. Rather than having your heat running all day while no one is home, you can schedule your HVAC to run less while you’re away. Then before you head home, you can easily program it to start heating again just in time for your arrival. This amazing advantage will result in less unnecessary heating and cooling, while benefiting your own pockets.


Track Your Energy Usage

Did last month’s bill seem extra high? No worries. With a smart thermostat, you can track your energy usage using real-time data. You’ll understand when you used the most energy, how this affects your future costs, and the suggested settings to decrease energy costs. Paying bills just got easier!


Improved Temperature Visibility & Controls

We live in an era of touchscreen iPhones and iPads. That old thermometer that has you squinting for visibility just isn’t cutting it anymore. The new design of smart thermometers makes controlling your house temperature easier. These large tools are bright with a simple display, allowing you to check your house’s temperature at a quick glance. 


Smart Thermostat Are Easy To Install

Installing a smart thermostat is easy, but only if you have the right wiring. You’ll need to remove your current thermostat to check the wiring, and if it’s marked with a C, alongside other wires marked with R, W, Rc, or Rh, you will likely be able to install the tool according to the provided instructions. Not an HVAC expert? Don’t worry, we are. As always, CampbellCare is here to help.


A smart thermostat comes with many benefits that ultimately make your life easier. If you’re unsure of whether your house is compatible with a smart thermostat, or unsure how to install one, our team will be able to assist you. Contact us at CampbellCare for all your home temperature needs!

The Top 5 Benefits of Smart Thermostat

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