5 Reasons You Want A Humidifier At Home

Humidifier At Home

From ideal living conditions to important health benefits, a humidifier at home is a one-time purchase with life-long rewards. Whether you have just moved in, or grew up in the house, this small machine will make a mighty difference.

Here are the top 5 benefits a humidifier at home does to your wellbeing

  1. Protect your floors and furniture
  2. Protect your throat
  3. Keep your cilium healthy
  4. Keep your skin and lips moisturized
  5. Soothe sinuses


Protect Your Floors & Furniture

Installing a new flooring is a large project that might put a hole in your pocket! But we’ll admit it, nothing changes the overall atmosphere of your house like some fresh hardwood. We love sprucing up our homes with new furniture, but we also know this is also costly. This is why it is important to protect the condition of those new floors or luxurious dining room table. However, all homes fall victim to fluctuations in humidity. When wood furniture becomes too dry, it is possible that it will crack and split. No one wants that! Lucky for us, a humidifier protects the wood against drying up. With optimal humidity levels in your home, the quality and finish of your wood will always be protected.


A Humidifier At Home Protects Your Throat

Indoor air with little moisture is not ideal for anyone’s throat. Exposure to dry air can result in your vocal cords becoming dry and scratchy. Even worse, long-term exposure can lead you to losing your voice entirely. Throat pain is also even more common in a dry home if it’s cold or flu season. Humidifiers are the best way to protect your throat by maintaining optimal levels of humidity will help soothe your throat!


Keep Your Cilium Healthy

Cilium are microscopic strands in your nose that are part of your paranasal sinus. Despite our inability to see them, they’re a vital part of our respiratory defence. They protect us from breathing in the mold, dust, dander, and other pollutants we can’t see with our eyes. Unfortunately, our cilia is less effective when we’re breathing in dry air. This can result in us catching illnesses that our bodies would usually protect us against. With a humidifier managing your air, your cilia will be able to function as it should. 


Keep Your Skin & Lips Moisturized

Saying goodbye to summer means saying hello to our heating systems. Unfortunately, winter is already dry and using heaters will only dry out the air more. Dry air doesn’t operate alone either, its best friend is dry skin. Low humidity strips oils from your skin, which steals an important layer of protection. As such, it’s likely you’ll find that during winter your skin becomes itchy, rough, red, tight, cracked, or flaky. It gets worse as if our skin isn’t enough of a struggle, the dry air will target our lips. This can make the simple task of eating painful. Lotion and chapstick are trusted friends, but the real key comes from adding a humidifier at home. A humidifier will add moisture to the air and naturally rehydrate your skin and air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

A Humidifier At Home Soothe Sinuses

Low humidity is a huge culprit behind sinus irritation. Not only is this irritation bothersome, it can also lead to headaches, nose discomfort, and a bloody nose. Many of us also suffer from allergies: our sinuses number one enemy. Don’t worry because this is where your humidifier steps in. Moist air will lubricate your nasal passages, which will allow mucous to clear out your sinuses. This optimal humidity level will thus soothe your sinuses, and allow you to breathe with ease. 

It’s safe to say that a humidifier makes our lives easier. Whether it’s protecting our brand new floors, or overall health, this investment will always prove itself as worth it. If you’re unsure of how to install a humidifier, or are interested in the costs associated, our team will be able to assist you. Contact us at CampbellCare for all your home temperature needs!

Humidifier At Home

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