Furnace Repairs Should Be Expected How Often?

Furnace Repairs


Furnaces are essential home appliances, especially if you live in a region with a cold winter. But as you enter warmer seasons, it can be easy to put these machines on the back burner. After all, it’s our air conditioning that has our attention in the heat of summer. Unfortunately, if you neglect furnace repairs, it might not function properly when the colder months roll around. Those chilly days always approaches quicker than we anticipate!


So how often should you expect furnace repairs? 

How often your furnace needs repairing ultimately depends on how well you take care of it. Most technicians agree that you should have your furnace serviced at least once a year, ideally in the fall prior to its first turn-on. This is to avoid later stumbling upon a larger repair, requiring more money, and sometimes even a whole new furnace. 


What happens if I don’t do furnace repairs?

Without annual maintenance, your furnace will collect dust and debris, which build up inside the unit. As it runs, these particles damage the internal components, resulting in the unfortunate call for a repair. As time goes on, the filters will become clogged with contaminants, which prevents the machine from removing pollutants from the air which can seriously reduce your indoor air quality. 


What might be the biggest risk is that your furnace can start to leak carbon monoxide: a dangerous gas you do not want in your home. The worst part of this gas is that it’s nearly impossible to detect due to its lack of odor and taste. What will make this leaking noticeable is the physical effects you might experience. Confusion, vomiting, and chest pain are all symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning (CO)


The last reason why you shouldn’t neglect your furnace is the simple truth that maintenance permits a longer-lasting furnace. A new furnace costs thousands of dollars. How often will you have to cough up this money for a replacement? Just like repairs, a replacement is dependent on how well you take care of your appliance. The system will break down earlier than normal if it’s not inspected every year. 


What does furnace maintenance look like?

Maintenance technicians follow a checklist during visits to ensure they are inspecting all important elements of your furnace. 


Typical furnace repair check-ups include: 

  • Checking thermostat settings to ensure system is running properly
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Inspecting electrical connections
  • Testing voltage on the system components to prevent future component failures 
  • Inspecting the condensate drain for obstruction


How often you should expect furnace repairs ultimately depends on the maintenance you provide your furnace. If you have your furnace serviced annually, as advised by technicians, it will last longer. If you neglect servicing this important appliance, you will experience more repair and replacement fees, and a freezing home.

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Furnace Repairs

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