Furnace Tune Up Signs You Should Know

Furnace Tune Up Signs You Should Know | CampbellCare

We understand that a furnace is essential living in Canada, but how often do you need a furnace tune up. These machines don’t just keep us warm and comfortable during those freezing months, but also safe from the dangerous side effects of frostbite and hypothermia. But with the purchase of a furnace comes the responsibility of scheduling tune ups. These appliances are costly, so it’s important you maintain their quality to ensure longevity. Not sure if it’s the right time to schedule a furnace tune up?


Check out these 5 telling signs that you need a furnace tune up

  1. Starting and stopping by itself 
  2. Changes to the pilot lights colour
  3. Strange noises
  4. Higher than usual heating bills
  5. Air quality changes


1. Starting and stopping by itself 

If your furnace is starting and stopping on its own, this is a sign of an internal issue. This means your furnace is unable to complete a full heating cycle. What’s actually happening internally isn’t an easy guess. From a dirty filter to an improperly-calibrated thermostat, there are many different culprits. This is why you’ll want to schedule a tune-up to have an expert diagnose the root cause of your furnace starting and stopping on its own. 


2. Changes to the pilot light colour 

Your furnace’s pilot light can often reveal the health of your machine. When functioning properly, your furnace’s pilot light should have a bright, blue flame. It’s not normal if this flame is yellow or orange, or appearing weak or wavy. This new appearance is indicative of your furnace not heating to its full potential, and instead burning the carbon monoxide fuel completely. This is usually caused by a dirty or blocked system. This issue requires hiring a professional to have the burner cleaned. 


3. Strange noises means furnace tune up

Unusual noises can also be telling of the condition of your furnace. These appliances typically aren’t silent when operating, but hearing abnormal noises might be a warning sign of an underlying problem. If your furnace is particularly noisy when running, there are multiple potential causes like clogged filters, loose belts, or a fan failure. Since an exact cause can’t be determined by simply listening, it’s important you contact an expert to ensure a proper diagnosis. 


4. Higher than usual heating bills

If your winter heating bill is inexplicably higher than usual, your furnace could be at fault. Excessively low temperatures can force your furnace to work harder and use more energy. This can also be true for a furnace that struggles to warm a house even in moderate temperatures. This excessive energy being used doesn’t mean that more productive heat is being emitted either — your furnace is only wasting energy. This failure to operate might be due to clogged or dirty filters. But this isn’t always the case. Getting your furnace tuned will ultimately provide you with the answers you need. 


5. Air quality changes

Your furnace has a direct effect on your home’s air quality. Physical warning signs can help determine if your appliance is causing these air quality issues. Excess dust is one sign, but your health can be telling too. Frequent coughs, colds, and other respiratory problems might occur when inhaling unhealthy air. The air might also be noticeably stale or musty. This issue can often be fixed with a quick replacement of the filter. However, scheduling a furnace tune up will provide you with the piece of mind that your home’s air is safe to breathe.


Furnaces are vital appliances that allow us to comfortably enjoy those chilly months. However, like so many other machines, they run into operating issues. To avoid spending extra money or facing health risks, it is always important to schedule furnace tuneups. We recommend a tuneup and maintenance for your furnace on an annual basis. As always, our team at CampbellCare is here for all your HVAC needs. Contact us today at CampbellCare to schedule your furnace tune up!

Furnace Tune Up Signs You Should Know | CampbellCare

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