6 signs to look out for to know you need AC unit repairs

AC Unit Repairs

Once summer rolls around and we start planning cottage weekends and assembling patio furniture, but often our AC unit repairs. We assume that if it worked last summer, it will operate just fine a year later. However, like most appliances, years of use will wear out our AC.. 


This wear and tear often leads to AC unit repairs, but how can you tell if a unit is in need of some TLC? Check out these 6 warning signs.

  1. Warm air
  2. Poor airflow from the outlet vent
  3. Frequent cycles
  4. High Humidity
  5. Strange Noises 
  6. Water Leaks


Warm air

We all know the point of AC is to fill a house with cold air. A sure sign your AC is in need of a repair is when the air coming out of your vents is warm. If this is happening, the first thing you’ll want to do is check your AC’s thermostat. Make sure it’s set to cooling mode, and lower than your house’s current temperature. 

If the issue persists, restricted airflow or a compressor issue may be to blame. It is important to contact an HVAC professional to figure out the root cause, and ultimately determine whether a repair is needed, or a whole new system replacement required. 


Poor airflow from the outlet vent 

When the volume of air exiting the vent is low, the unit’s compressor is likely the culprit. That said, if only certain parts of your home are getting cold, this might indicate a problem with your home’s ductwork. This issue could be leakage or improper duct sizing. If the airflow from your vent is minimal, or only occurring in specific rooms, it’s important to contact a professional. 


Frequent cycles

Your AC goes through routine cooling cycles at all times. It’s normal for your AC to turn on more frequently on those scorching summer days. However, it shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly. If this is happening, you will want to contact a professional to figure out whether your AC is merely in need of a tune-up, or an entire replacement. 


High Humidity Equals AC Unit Repairs

If your region experiences a warm summer, you’re definitely no stranger to humidity. This sticky feeling can be bothersome, which is why it’s important we’re able to find comfort in our homes. AC units can moderate humidity levels automatically, but if your cooling system isn’t keeping moisture levels within a comfortable range it likely needs a repair. 


Strange Noises 

If you’re hearing squealing, grating, or grinding noises coming from your AC, you should immediately call to have your unit serviced. Strange noises often imply a deep-rooted internal problem. The issue might be a misplaced belt, or lack of lubrication. Whatever it is, a professional will be able to provide you with the answer. 


Water Leaks Lead To AC Unit Repairs

AC units rely on refrigerant to effectively cool a space, which might result in condensation during operation. But neither of these liquids should leak into your home. Pooled water around your AC is a telltale sign that your cooling system isn’t running properly. You’ll want to quickly contact an expert once discovering the leak to prevent any damages to your home. 


AC units are vital appliances that allow us comfort in the warmest of months. It’s important to ensure your unit is being serviced and repaired when needed to prevent having to purchase an entire new system


If your AC is showing one of these warning signs, we encourage you to contact our team at CampbellCare. With 30 years of experience,  you’ll be happy you chose us to solve any heating or air problem you encounter. 

AC Unit Repairs

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