How much does a gas fireplace repair cost?

Fireplace Repair

If you’re in need of a gas fireplace repair, you might be wondering how much this will cost you. Gas fireplaces are crowd pleasing appliances for many homeowners due to their added warmth, ambiance, and visual appeal. As we become accustomed to the extra comfort they provide, we are often unable to imagine life without them. This makes finding out your fireplace is broken all the more dreadful.


Why did my gas fireplace stop working?

Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces use natural gas to heat your home. These low-maintenance alternatives do not require a chimney, and instead use a pipe to remove any byproduct from your home. Homeowners are able to control their gas fireplace’s flame by simply using a thermostat or remote. But despite being comparatively low-maintenance, gas fireplaces can still present their fair share of issues.


When a gas fireplace stops working these are most common issues

  • Blown out pilot light
  • Closed gas valves
  • Gas line problems
  • Dead batteries
  • Thermocouple and thermopile issues
  • Thermostat problems
  • Remote control issues
  • Fogged glass


How much will the fireplace repair cost?

The repair cost for your gas fireplace is entirely dependent on the issue you’re facing. It is difficult to provide a static price point as numbers will differ drastically depending on the severity of the issue. A small gas fireplace repair could cost as little as $125, while major repairs can cost you up to $2,000. You will need to contact a professional to get a precise quote of how much the repair will run you.


How to prevent a gas fireplace repair

Regular maintenance is the key to preventing gas fireplace repairs. Though these appliances are considered low-maintenance, it’s important you show your gas fireplace regular TLC to prevent it from becoming high-maintenance. Routine upkeep that requires a little bit of time and money will prevent you from having to spend much more money on a repair down the road. You will also want to make sure that your fireplace is inspected annually by a professional as part of regular maintenance. An expert will be able to identify any components that are in need of maintenance before they break or turn into a safety risk.


No matter what issue your gas fireplace is facing, it’s always important to contact a professional to diagnose and repair. The cost will vary depending on the problem, but knowing your fireplace is in the hands of an expert is always reassuring.

Our team at CampbellCare are well-versed in gas fireplace repair and maintenance. Experts in all things HVAC, we handle the tricky stuff; you reap the benefits. If your gas fireplace is in need of some attention, we are here to help. Contact us today!

Fireplace Repair

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