How A Broken Furnace Affects Your Home

Broken Furnace

To prevent being surprised with a broken furnace at the least opportune time, an HVAC system requires regular maintenance. Routinely tending to your furnace is critical as it ensures efficient function and increased reliability.

When you neglect regular maintenance or necessary repairs, your HVAC system is less likely to operate effectively when you need it most: the months that have drastic temperature changes. Not only will your furnace’s temperature control be affected, a number of other home complications can emerge. 


Home complications caused by a neglected furnace

  1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  2. House Fire or Explosion
  3. Decreased HVAC Lifespan
  4. Poor Air Quality
  5. Higher Energy Bills


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can occur when your gas furnace’s heat exchanger develops cracks. When functioning optimally, the heat exchanger removes harmful gases from the heated air following the combustion process. With time, this thin metal shield will wear out and develop cracks that can result in a fatal gas leak into your home. Arguably the most dangerous complication of an unattended furnace, this odorless gas will live rent-free in your home without your permission. 


House Fire or Explosion

Loose wires or pilot light issues can result in a house fire or even a sudden explosion. These issues can be difficult for the average homeowner to diagnose, which means that without regular maintenance, a fire or explosion can be the first—and scariest—sign of an internal problem. Consistent HVAC maintenance will be able to diagnose if your furnace’s internal components are worn out.


Decreased HVAC Lifespan 

A well-maintained HVAC system can last up to 20 years. But neglecting regular HVAC maintenance can result in a shorter lifespan of your furnace. Not only will expensive repairs come into play, homeowners will also find themselves having to purchase entirely new HVAC systems. These are not cheap!


Poor Air Quality

Poor air quality is another complication that can occur when your furnace is neglected. When air passes through dirty ducts and clogged filters, the HVAC system will circulate dust, polluted air, and allergens throughout your home. This issue is far less serious than carbon monoxide poisoning, however, you will want to address it promptly—especially if household members suffer from asthma or other respiratory conditions.  


Higher Energy Bills

Your furnace may appear to be functioning properly even if you haven’t been prioritizing regular maintenance. The truth is, while your furnace might be working, it’s certainly not running efficiently. Without routine TLC, your system will have to work much harder to keep your home at the temperature you’ve set. This means your system is being forced to use significantly more energy. By spending a little bit of money on maintenance here and there, you’ll save much more on your energy bill in the long run. 


A broken furnace can affect your home in many different ways. From carbon monoxide poisoning to increased energy bills, none of these changes are pleasant. To avoid health risks and burning a hole in your pocket, we strongly suggest scheduling an annual tuneup and maintenance for your furnace. 

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Broken Furnace

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