The Importance of HVAC Regular Maintenance and Repair

HVAC Regular Maintenance and Repair | Important For Home

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and is a term used when discussing all things related to heating and cooling. HVAC systems are important to homeowners and businesses because they provide a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, reduce energy consumption and costs, and preserve a building’s structural integrity.


Why is HVAC Regular Maintenance Important?

HVAC regular maintenance and repairs are crucial in order to maintain optimal operating levels, extend the life of your HVAC system, and save money on costly repairs.

On average, HVAC systems last around 10-20 years. If you maintain regular tune-ups, you will be able to significantly increase your system’s lifespan, which gives you more time before you’d need to spend money on a new system.

Repairs can be costly. Typically, repair costs range between $300-$1,800. More extensive damage can cost even more – in some cases, replacement parts reaching $2,500 or more. In contrast, an annual maintenance visit for an HVAC tune-up ranges between $175-$300, depending on the contractor. Now that you know the importance of routine maintenance, let’s discuss.

Signs You May Need HVAC Regular Maintenance and Repair

  1. Dust and debris
  2. Air quality and airflow
  3. Thermostat issues
  4. Warm air
  5. Unusual noises


Dust and debris

Dust and visible debris are one of the most noticeable signs your HVAC system needs servicing. If unpleasant odors are making their way through the ventilation system, this could mean debris is trapped inside or possibly mold is growing.


Air quality and airflow

If the system’s ducts are neglected for a long period of time, mold and mildew can grow, severely impacting the air quality. Clogged filters, blockages, or a failing compressor can cause issues with airflow.


Thermostat issues

If you have problems with the thermostat, such as the HVAC system not turning on, running improperly, or not accurately gauging temperatures, this shows there are electrical issues with the system.


Warm Air Can Lead to HVAC Regular Maintenance

If the AC is turned on, and the temperature reading is cool, but you feel warm air blowing, then there could be a Freon issue. Freon leaks are extremely dangerous and should be dealt with immediately to prevent adverse health effects.


Unusual noises

Grinding, screeching, whistling, and banging are all unusual noises pointing to issues with your HVAC system. These noises may indicate debris trapped inside, a loose part, or clogged filters. Dealing with one or more of these issues can be costly and become a burden to you. To prevent any of these issues from happening, we highly recommend you consult a licensed professional to perform routine maintenance check-ups on your HVAC system.


Here at CampbellCare, we aim to deliver professional quality repair. Our technicians have years of experience and training and can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your HVAC system. We can then provide you with multiple options and a competitive quote for the repair. Contact CampbellCare today with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning questions!

HVAC Regular Maintenance and Repair

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