Frequently Asked Questions About A Broken Furnace Repair

Broken Furnace Repair | Frequently Asked Questions

A broken furnace repair is something that you shouldn’t sweep under the rug. A broken furnace should be dealt with as soon as possible before it becomes a significant problem and a major cost. Today, we’ll dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about furnace repairs. 


How long do furnaces usually last? 

With scheduled maintenance, furnaces last, on average, 12-20 years. The easiest way to increase the lifespan of a furnace is with regular annual maintenance performed by a certified technician.


What are some signs my furnace needs repairs?

Regularly checking up on your furnace and ensuring it functions properly is crucial. Some telltale signs that your furnace needs repairs are: 

  • A decrease in heat output or inconsistent heating throughout the house.
  • Unusual or loud noises coming from the furnace when it turns on or off, popping sounds while running, or changes in airflow around vents.
  • Increased energy bills.
  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Yellow pilot light (gas furnaces).
  • Foul or persistent odours when the furnace is running.
  • Frequent cycling on and off, or difficulty starting or staying on.
  • Visible damage, rust, or corrosion.


If you notice any of the following issues, having a professional HVAC technician inspect and diagnose your furnace is a good idea.


How much do furnace repairs cost?

A broken furnace repair costs can vary depending on the type of furnace you have. Repair costs for an electric furnace start from $150, whereas propane and gas-powered furnaces start from $300. It’s important to note that your actual repair cost will depend on the part that needs to be repaired or replaced, the availability of replacement parts, whether or not the warranty is valid, and labour costs. 

How much do emergency repairs cost? 

Emergency furnace repair costs can vary depending on several factors, including the time of day, the severity of the issue, your location, and the HVAC contractor you hire. Emergency repairs often happen outside regular hours of operation, such as weekends, evenings, and holidays, which can lead to higher costs due to the availability of technicians. 


Can I do the maintenance myself? 

Attempting any repairs on your broken furnace can be extremely dangerous and could cost you more money in the long run. It is crucial to contact a certified HVAC professional if you notice any issues with your furnace. 


How can I avoid and prevent a broken furnace? 

There are a few simple steps you can take to maintain a well-running furnace:

  • Replacing the furnace filter every 3 months can help reduce the buildup of soot, grime, and dirt.
  • Check your furnace often for leaks. Faulty furnaces will often leak water when something is wrong.
  • Clean the heat exchanger to remove any dirt or grime accumulating over time. 
  • Preventative annual maintenance by a professional can help avoid any breakdowns or malfunctions. 

Here at CampbellCare, we aim to deliver professional quality repair. Our technicians have years of experience and training and can quickly diagnose what is wrong with your HVAC system. We can then provide you with multiple options and a competitive quote for the repair. Contact us today with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning questions!

Broken Furnace Repair | Frequently Asked Questions

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