Are Heat Pumps Worth It in Vancouver? Let’s Break It Down

Heat Pump


Looking to upgrade your central HVAC system soon? With so many options out there, it’s hard to make a decision. In recent years, BC Hydro has been pushing British Columbians to switch to a heat pump, but are heat pumps worth it in Vancouver? 

Let’s break it down:


Save Money

A heat pump is an energy-efficient alternative to other types of home heating like electric baseboards or a natural gas furnace. With that being said, many Canadian households could save money by making the switch to a heat pump, especially those in Vancouver.  A new report and online calculator from the Canadian Climate Institute indicates that those who replace a gas furnace and an air conditioner with an air-source heat pump are most likely to save money in Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax.


Ideal Weather Conditions

Vancouver is an ideal location to have a heat pump. With advancements in heat pump technology, models available in B.C. can operate in temperatures as low as -30°C but that doesn’t mean that it’ll run as efficiently. Efficiency will drop around the -5°C mark and will continue to drop the colder it gets as it takes more energy to keep the vapours from freezing. With that being said, average Vancouver winter temperatures hover between the 0°C to 5°C mark, giving Vancouver the ideal weather conditions to own a heat pump that will operate at peak efficiency.


Dual Action 

Don’t be fooled by the name, a heat pump offers the best of both worlds as it not only heats but also cools your home. A heat pump uses electricity to move air to and from the inside of your home. In colder months, the heat pump pulls warm air from outside and moves it indoors to heat your home. While in the warmer months, it moves the warm air from inside your home to outside, while also circulating cool air inside. Heat pumps are more efficient than their air conditioning counterparts since they put out more cool air by volume than energy required. 


Better for the Environment

When you switch to an electric heat pump in B.C., the pump will be powered by hydroelectricity. This means that it will be more environmentally friendly than heating systems that use natural gas or oil. Heat pumps are a key strategy for reducing residential greenhouse gas emissions since the main source of this household pollution is the burning of fossil fuels for water and space heating.



If you’re still on the fence about making the switch, here’s something else that’ll make it worth it; rebates. Here is a list of available rebates:

  • BC Hydro is offering up to $7,000 in rebates when you switch to a heat pump from electric heating such as electric baseboards or an electric furnace.
  • BC Hydro is offering up to $11,000 in rebates when you switch to a heat pump from a natural gas, oil or propane source. 
  • Government of Canada is offering up to $5,000 through the Greener Homes Grant for eligible homes. 


Is It Really Worth It?

Overall, a heat pump is worth it in Vancouver. It’s more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than its traditional counterparts while offering both heating and cooling. On top of saving money, there are also multiple grants available for those who decide to switch. Save money and the planet, why wouldn’t you?

To learn more about heat pumps, click here. 

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