Gas Fireplaces Vancouver: Repair or Replace?

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Nothing is built to last forever and that includes your gas fireplace. Fireplaces are built with a functional lifespan and require regular maintenance, repair and eventually, replacement. It can be difficult to differentiate between when you need a repair and when you need a replacement.

Here at Campbell Care, we have experience servicing fireplaces throughout the Lower Mainland and have broken down when you should repair vs replace your fireplace.


When to Repair a Gas Fireplace:


The decision to repair a gas fireplace rather than replace depends on two factors: 

  1. The overall condition – both exterior and interior
  2. The age of your fireplace

If your appliance is on the newer side, still functions and only requires a minor adjustment, a repair is the better option. These repairs should be small and functional in nature as a complete fireplace makeover may not be cost-effective. 


Here are some scenarios where we suggest a repair rather than a replacement:


  • The issue with your fireplace is only minor
    • These can include cracked masonry, chimney leaks, damaged chimney liner, creosote buildup, firebox wear and tear, draft problems or damper issues. 
  • The exterior of your fireplace still looks appealing
  • You’re satisfied with the current features of your fireplace 
  • You want to extend the lifespan of your fireplace by adding new components
  • Your fireplace is only moderately old (less than 10 years old)


Repairs are a quick way to solve minor problems with your fireplace. It’s better to repair issues as they arise rather than ignoring them, as leaving them too long can reduce the over lifespan of your fireplace resulting in early replacements. While repair costs can vary depending on the service, they are much cheaper than an entire gas fireplace replacement.


When to Replace a Gas Fireplace:


Once your fireplace has passed its prime, in both age and looks, it’s probably time for a replacement. Typically, fireplaces are built to last anywhere between 10 to 15 years, depending on how well you maintain them. Sometimes, homeowners will opt for a replacement if they want a fireplace makeover with modern and better-looking features as it can be difficult to replace isolated components with more advanced features. 

Here are our suggestions for when to go for a replacement:

  • The technology is quite old compared to newer models
    • Some advancements include an increase in energy efficiency, a larger heat output range, a backup battery or the addition of a smartphone app to control your fireplace. 
  • It requires frequent and significant repairs
  • It looks worn out and old
  • You’re wanting a fireplace makeover with new design features
  • You’re planning on selling your house and want it to look as nice as possible (a fireplace can add up to 12% to the value of a home)
  • The fireplace has become a safety hazard due to damaged parts which result in a natural gas leak or a potential fire hazard
  • The fireplace is not working efficiently anymore and using more electricity than it used to 


If your fireplace requires significant repairs which cost 50% or more of a new fireplace, it might be better to get a replacement – especially if it has passed the halfway point in its lifespan. While a complete gas fireplace replacement may be costly, it’ll be more cost-effective in the long run. Upgrades in technology, modern looks and better heat management are all benefits that come with a replacement. 

Contact us today if you still can’t decide between replacing your fireplace or repairing it. Our experienced team will help you make an informed decision based on your situation while also delivering quality service.

If your heart is set on a fireplace replacement but you’re not sure what model or brand is right for you, book an appointment to visit our showroom in Vancouver and see them first hand, or come see us at our Delta showroom at 7063 Venture St!

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